Holding your immune system robust aids in chilly and flu prevention and helps scale back the severity of those sicknesses for those who do get them. A powerful immune system entails consuming proper, getting loads of relaxation, and taking immune-boosting supplements such as colloidal silver for colds, as wanted throughout chilly and flu season.

1. Eat Fruits and Greens

Fruits and veggies are loaded with nutritional vitamins and minerals that increase your physique’s pure immunity. Vitamins present in recent fruit and veggies which might be immune boosters embody vitamin C, vitamin E, and different antioxidants—comparable to vitamin A, selenium, beta-carotene, lutein, and lycopene. Intention to fill half of every plate with fruit and veggies every day to reap all the advantages these immune-boosting meals supply.

2. Ingest Probiotics

Probiotics in meals and dietary supplements give your immune system a lift, which helps beat back and combat colds. Plant sources of probiotic-rich meals embody non-dairy (live-cultured) yogurt, pickles, fermented fruit and veggies, tempeh, kombucha tea, sauerkraut, miso, and kimchi. You can too get your every day dose of probiotics, which is no less than 1 billion colony-forming units every day, by taking probiotics supplements.

Vitamin c effervescent tablet

3. Take Liposomal Vitamin C Dietary supplements

Vitamin C enhances your immune system, however you is probably not ingesting giant sufficient doses of vitamin C from meals alone. That’s why taking Hallelujah Food plan liposomal vitamin C , the type of vitamin C that’s greatest absorbed by your physique, doesn’t trigger GI misery, helps combat colds and scale back their length. It’s usually secure for most individuals to take several grams of Liposomal vitamin C dailyTaking an excessive amount of of typical vitamin C dietary supplements can result in abdomen upset.

4. Get Loads of Relaxation

You probably have a chilly, getting loads of relaxation is among the greatest methods to combat it and scale back its severity. Most adults need 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night to maximise well being, however for those who’re sick you would possibly require extra sleep to get better from a chilly or the flu shortly and stop doable issues.

5. Drink A lot of Water

If you’re sick with a chilly or the flu, dehydration is a priority. Ingesting plenty of water, clear broths, clear juices, or heat water with lemon helps forestall dehydration and loosen congestion. Intention for a minimum of 12 cups of fluid daily for women and 16 cups per day for males to make sure correct hydration and scale back the length of sicknesses.

6. Ingest Selenium

Selenium is an antioxidant that’s vital for conserving your immune system robust. Meals wealthy in selenium embody Brazil nuts, chia seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, wheat merchandise, oatmeal and brown rice. . Vegatables and fruits don’t have a lot selenium so taking selenium supplements can help you meet daily selenium needs (no less than 55 micrograms daily for grownup women and men) to combat colds naturally.

Vitamin D

7. Get A lot of Vitamin D

Consider it or not, vitamin D performs a vital function in robust immune well being. Harvard School of Public Health reports that people with vitamin D deficiency are more likely to get colds, different respiratory infections, and the flu. Vitamin D comes from sunshine and sadly, many People aren’t getting sufficient  vitamin D from sunshine alone. That’s why vitamin D supplements are a part of the Hallelujah Food plan chilly and flu season package.

8. Use Saline Nasal Spray

Saline or salt water spray is a pure solution to fight stuffiness attributable to colds, different sicknesses, and allergic reactions. Search for over-the-counter saline sprays or drops and place the answer into every nostril to cut back congestion. Blow your nostril afterward, to alleviate stuffiness naturally with out the necessity for remedy.

9. Gargle with Salt Water

Gargling with salt water is one other solution to naturally ease a sore throat attributable to colds. Merely dissolve about 1/2 teaspoon of salt in an 8-ounce glass of heat water and gargle it for 30–60 seconds to ease throat ache the pure approach.

10. Use Hallelujah Enhanced Immunity Package

The Hallelujah Diet Enhanced Immunity kit strengthens your immune system to assist avoid colds and flu—or get better from these sicknesses quicker. Included within the package is quite a lot of immune-strengthening dietary supplements, comparable to:

  • Selenium
  • Liposomal vitamin C
  • Colloidal silver
  • Vitamin D3

God designed your physique to combat off illness and illness naturally, with out the necessity for drugs. Preserve your immune system robust with dietary supplements, a nutritious weight-reduction plan, loads of sleep, common train, diminished stress, and an total wholesome way of life. Along with taking Hallelujah Diet supplements, observe the Hallelujah Diet itself—which is a plant-based meal plan that lowers your danger of illness and sickness, boosts vitality, and helps you preserve a wholesome weight for all times!