In my thoughts, these two myths go hand-in-hand. They’re each extraordinarily frequent in old-school mould remediation techniques, and I’ve encountered tons of people that’ve had mould remediation carried out of their properties by corporations who solely carry out “demolition-free mould remediation” via a “floor wipedown” or a “dry fogging” course of (which entails spraying an antimicrobial pesticideĀ on to mould so as to kill it).

Whereas it might appear enticing to spend much less on a wipe-down or fogging remediation, it will not be cash nicely spent when the mould comes again.

The difficulty right here is that by the point you discover mould on a floor, it is already extra widespread than what the attention can see. Wiping away mould from a floor like drywall gives you a false sense of safety that you’ve got eradicated your mould challenge. In actuality, mould has a roots-like system, called hyphae, which bodily grows into porous constructing supplies reminiscent of drywall or insulation. Whenever you wipe away mould from the floor, you are not essentially eradicating the hyphae from the constructing materials. This may consequence within the mould rising again once more.