The only solution to keep protected against frequent illnesses, strengthen the thoughts and physique is working towards yoga each day. In some methods, good hygiene and correct consuming habits are useful, however yoga for immunity may enhance the physique’s skill to fight an infection and allow you to stay a wholesome and completely happy life. As a solution to strengthen the protection system of the physique, Yogic specialists encourage the each day follow of yoga and meditation. An environment friendly immune system means that you can fight pathogens, preserving you wholesome and free from any illnesses.

Listed here are a couple of yoga poses/asanas meant to offer you the extra advantages of improved immunity. 

#1 Eagle pose or Garudasana.


Garudasana is a standing yoga pose during which one arm must be twisted with the opposite and one leg must be twisted with the opposite which makes the pose appear to be an Eagle fowl.


  1. Take a squat chair pose. 
  2. Whereas placing weight on the left foot, put your proper foot over the left foot and fix it to the calf.
  3. Place the fitting thigh over the left thigh as excessive as you may.
  4. Regulate your arms and cross your left arm to the fitting, crossing the wrist and attaching your elbows.
  5. Elevate your elbows to the peak of the shoulders whereas holding your shoulders, shifting away out of your ears.
  6. Maintain your head and backbone straight
  7. Maintain this place for 5 to seven breaths and repeat from reverse legs and arms. 


  • This balanced pose is the perfect yoga for immunity because it enhances the immune system by bettering blood circulation.
  • The squeezing exercise within the legs and arms tends to extend blood circulation and take away toxins from the physique.
  • It improves the focus stage. 
  • It relieves stiffness between shoulder blades and throughout the backbone. 


Keep away from doing this pose when you have ankle, wrist, and knee damage. Pregnant girls within the third trimester mustn’t carry out this pose/asana.

#2 Mountain pose or Tadasana


Mountain Pose is the fundamental posture of all standing yoga postures. One must follow this pose completely to have the ability to be taught different yoga asanas for immunity. 


  1. Stand upright and the legs aside.
  2. Elevate your arm upwards whereas inhaling slowly and interlock your fingers. 
  3. Slowly stand in your toes and stretch your physique upwards. 
  4. Maintain your breath on this place, then exhale slowly whereas attending to the earlier place.


  • That is the only yoga pose to stretch the whole physique and enhance immunity.
  • It additionally strengthens the nervous system and adaptability of joints. 
  • It will increase focus. 
  • It improves physique posture and elongates the backbone. 


Folks with low blood pressure issues keep away from holding onto this place for too lengthy as it might trigger dizziness. Keep away from doing this pose when you have pressure in your again, muscle weak point, and extreme migraine.

#3 Locust pose or Shalabhasana


Shalabhasana is a Sanskrit phrase the place shalabh means grasshopper or locust, and Asana means yoga poses. The ultimate posture of this yoga pose seems like a locust.


  1. Lie on the abdomen and put arms on the sides parallel to the ground. 
  2. Inhale and carry your head wanting ahead. Maintain your chest and arms upon exhaling. 
  3. Maintain your arms near the torso, along with your palms dealing with down.
  4. Use your inside thigh to carry your legs up in the direction of the ceiling.Your weight ought to relaxation in your decrease ribs, stomach & entrance pelvis.
  5. Elevate your higher physique and prolong your arms again to your foot. Maintain this place for about ten seconds. 


  • This pose enhances the blood circulation within the gut and rectal muscle groups leading to improved digestion and stronger immunity.
  • This pose additionally relieves again ache attributable to lengthy working hours and improves physique posture.
  • Solely five-ten minutes of this pose might help you scale back your physique weight. 


Folks with slip discs, extreme sciatica, and prolapsed uterus ought to keep away from doing this yoga pose. 

#4 Standing Backbend or Anuvittasana


Anuvittasana is the Sanskrit phrase for ‘Standing Backbend Pose.’ The backbend poses are the perfect yoga poses for immunity as they detoxify the adrenal glands.


  1. Stand straight and place your palm in your decrease again along with your finger pointed downwards or dealing with ahead.
  2. Bend your higher physique backward whereas pushing your trunk ahead.
  3. Whereas wanting upward, assist your physique weight along with your arms. 
  4. Inhale as you start the pose
  5. Exhale on arching your backbone backward preserving the eyes open.
  6. Maintain for about 5 breaths.
  7. Deliver your physique to loosen up as you’re standing with a deep breath and concentrate on calming your physique.


  • The deep stretching with this pose enhances the functioning of the lungs and coronary heart and strengthens the decrease backbone.
  • The muscle stretch of the stomach additionally improves digestion and reduces irritation of the physique, which helps in boosting immunity. 


Folks with neck accidents and heart diseases ought to keep away from doing this pose/asana.

#5 Youngster pose or Balasana


It’s a concluding yoga posture, for breath rest permitting you to return to peace with the physique. 


  1. Sit in your knees aside, with the hips touching your heels.
  2. Put the arms backward and palm down
  3. Whereas exhaling bend down, bringing your chest between the thighs.
  4. Maintain onto this posture for 2 minutes with regular respiratory.
  5. Whereas elevating your physique to return to the earlier place inhale slowly. 


  • Balasana is a crucial yoga posture to reinforce immunity.
  • It tones the belly muscle groups, strengthening the mechanism of digestion.
  • It stretches your decrease again and your backbone because it relaxes your physique.
  • It helps in lowering again and neck ache.


Folks with knee and ankle accidents ought to keep away from doing this pose. 

#6 Cobra pose or Bhujangasana 


Bhujangasana seems like a snake with a lifted crown. It is usually a chest increasing posture that helps to stimulate white blood cells that strengthen immunity.


  1. Lie in your tummy and preserve your legs shut. 
  2. Place your arms close to the final ribcage, preserve your elbows parallel, and near your physique.
  3. Whereas inhaling, elevate your higher physique and arch your backbone again with the assist of your arms.
  4. Maintain the arms straight, in contrast to the planks, and preserve this pose for twenty-five seconds.
  5. Exhale whereas coming again to the bottom and lie in your tummy. 


  • This pose strengthens the backbone, belly muscle groups, arms, and shoulder. 
  • Every day follow improves digestion and boosts immunity. 
  • It helps in relieving stress. 
  • This pose could be very useful for asthmatics. 
  • This pose additionally enhances the female and male reproductive techniques. 


  • Folks with extreme again accidents ought to keep away from doing this pose.
  • Pregnant and menstruating girls ought to keep away from doing this pose/asana. 

#7 Chair pose or Utkatasana


This pose strengthens the whole physique particularly the thighs. It consists of sitting down, as if you have been going to break down right into a chair, however sustaining the place to steadiness and reinforce your muscle groups.


  1. Stand straight with arms alongside. 
  2. Elevate your arms straight along with your palm dealing with one another. 
  3. Whereas exhaling bend your knees such that the thighs turn into perpendicular to the bottom.
  4. Stay on this place for 30 seconds.
  5. Whereas inhaling slowly stand straight once more. 
  6. Repeat it 5 occasions.


  • This pose enhances the steadiness and power of the physique.
  • It prompts the center and belly muscle groups. 
  • It helps in eradicating extra fats from thighs. 
  • It strengthens legs and arms muscle groups.
  • It aligns the backbone. 


Individuals who have continual knee, backbone, and neck accidents ought to keep away from doing this pose. 


Yoga is a holistic self-discipline that improves our exterior physique in addition to the immune system. Yoga for immunity consists of yogic strategies of respiratory that assist to guard the lungs and stimulate the physique’s immune system. Along with sustaining a dietary eating regimen, having sufficient sleep, and remaining stress-free, it’s best to follow yoga each day beneath skilled steerage. Above talked about yoga poses, when practiced each day, will offer you an immune system that’s wholesome and strengthened.

Often Requested Questions (FAQs)

Q. What’s the importance of respiratory whereas doing yoga?

A. Managed inhalation and exhalation are essential phenomena in yoga for immunity which permit oxygen to succeed in the deepest cells of various organs and improves blood circulation. It promotes the motion of lymphatic fluid within the human physique and strengthens the immune system.

Q. How you can escape accidents in Eagle Pose?

A. Don’t power the knees and maintain the place past your capability. Think about a single level within the entrance to take care of the steadiness.

Q. How is yoga totally different from different bodily workout routines?

A. Yoga is greater than a bodily posture, in contrast to stretching or train. In yoga for immunity respiratory approach is utilized with totally different poses such that physique motion, blood circulation, and thoughts fluctuation are aligned and balanced with managed respiratory. This connection of breath, thoughts, and physique permits us to focus inwards.