Within the first group of sufferers, the management group took over thrice as a lot morphine milligram equal (MME) for ache following surgical procedure than the sufferers who acquired acupuncture (56 MME versus 20.4 MME, to be precise). On prime of that, those that acquired the acupuncture additionally reported a lot greater satisfaction scores about post-op ache within the day following the surgical procedure, together with much less ache and fewer nervousness.

Battlefield acupuncture appeared to decrease the necessity for opioids within the second group as effectively. The management group took twice as many opioids within the 24 hours following the surgical procedure. Just like the primary group, the sufferers who had the battlefield acupuncture additionally reported decrease ache and better post-op satisfaction than the management group.

Curiously, 38% of the management group reported nausea and vomiting, in comparison with solely 3% of those that’d had the battlefield acupuncture.