When melatonin will get launched at night time, the hormone sends alerts to your physique that it is time to begin winding down. In consequence, your physique goes into “relaxation mode,” with a give attention to restore and restoration—and daytime capabilities like digestion are primarily turned off. (That is why consultants say to keep away from consuming late at night time if you happen to can, as your metabolism naturally slows.) 

While you take melatonin, you kick-start this rest-and-recover course of. So if you happen to take the sleep support, say, proper after consuming, you may impinge in your digestion with out even understanding it. “In case you eat your dinner late, as an instance 7:30 p.m., and then you definitely take your melatonin at 8 p.m., chances are you’ll be quieting your metabolism a little bit bit,” says Romm. “You could not get as a lot digestive fireplace, and it could truly have an effect on weight acquire.” 

In fact, there’s a simple repair: Simply area out the time between consuming and taking your melatonin! “If which means you might want to bump your dinner a little bit earlier or take your melatonin a little bit later, that appears to be the antidote,” Romm provides.