A unified effort would not require uniform habits. Eccentric Aquarius has a particular superpower: celebrating individuality and togetherness concurrently. That may sound like a paradox, however it’s not. Disgrace and vulnerability knowledgeable Brene Brown uncovered this in her research: The need to slot in is definitely the principle barrier to accessing a way of belonging.

In her phrases:

“Belonging is the innate human need to be a part of one thing bigger than us. As a result of this craving is so primal, we frequently attempt to purchase it by becoming in and by searching for approval, which aren’t solely hole substitutes for belonging however usually obstacles to it. As a result of true belonging solely occurs after we current our genuine, imperfect selves to the world, our sense of belonging can by no means be larger than our degree of self-acceptance.”

In different phrases, settle for your self, then be your self. Simpler stated than executed however a worthy problem to simply accept underneath the primary of two Aquarius full moons in 2021. Do you suppress your opinions out of worry they might be unpopular in a bunch? At all times really feel compelled to love the identical books, music, and garments as your pals? The herd mentality is a pure human tendency; it is a survival intuition encoded into our primal brains—and one which’s solely intensified within the age of #CancelCulture. The Aquarius full moon creates house for differentiation and discourse.

Professional tip: For those who’re parsing via new ideas, learn and analysis earlier than, say, unleashing on Twitter. With so many charged subjects on the desk in 2021, it is best to enter the dialog from an knowledgeable place, particularly with this acutely aware, mental zodiac power afoot.