BWLW Water Challenge 2020

Our Aim for October 1st via October twenty firstDrink at the least 64 ounces of water per day. 64 ounces is similar because the quaint rule of eight 8 ouncesglasses of water a day.  In case you are doing lots of sweating and exercising and you might be already ingesting 64 ouncesper day, contemplate ingesting much more water. If you wish to drink a gallon (128 oz) or half your physique weight, that’s nice too. The selection is yours.

4 16oz water bottles = 64oz. Observe your every day ounces with this month’s monitoring calendar.

This month, we’ll decide to slicing out/slicing again on…

  • Common and Weight-reduction plan Soda
  • Drinks with added sugar or sweeteners
  • Retailer purchased juice – Any juice from focus
  • Alcohol

As an alternative we’ll drink…

  • Water 70-80% of the time, together with…
  • Natural Tea with Natural Sweeteners
  • Freshly made juice
  • Water infused with fruit, tea, mint, and so on…
  • Contemporary, selfmade smoothies

Be part of the Day by day Test-in

Through the problem, we’ll put up a check-in put up on Facebook and Instagram each night at 6:30 pm the place you possibly can depart a remark and share how a lot water you’re ingesting every day.

Problem Directions:

1. Click Here for this month’s water tracking calendar. [PDF file]Water Calendar

2. Resolve on a every day water objective and totally commit. Depart a remark under and inform us what your every day water objective is.

3. All through the month of October, share pictures of your water bottles on social media with the hashtag: #BWLWWaterChallenge and let everybody know that you just’re becoming a member of us. We simply would possibly function your put up in an Instagram story.


  • Create a water ingesting schedule and drink water all through the course of the day.
  • For taste, infuse your water with actual fruit – Reduce up fruit and put it within the water bottle to steep, like tea. Should you drink any sweeteners, they need to be pure and you must solely drink them moderately (honey, stevia, agave nectar, and so on). You can even have freshly made juice, milk, unsweetened nut milk (almond, soy) and homemade smoothies
  • Drink probably the most pure water you’ve got entry to.  Filtered water, spring water, distilled, and so on.
  • Purchase a glass water bottle or a BPA free plastic water bottle.
  • Purchase a water bottle with ounce markings on it in order that you know the way a lot you might be ingesting.
  • Mark how a lot water you need to drink by a sure time in your bottle or gallon to maintain observe of your water ingesting. A Sharpie is an effective way to do that however you may get inventive with stickers and different decorations.

Don’t neglect to depart a remark under and inform us what number of ounces a day you’ll be ingesting!

Medical Notice: If there may be any motive why you shouldn’t improve your water consumption attributable to kidney points, edema, any ailment or a power sickness, don’t take part on this problem. When unsure or you probably have any questions converse along with your physician. (Additionally, you don’t need to drink a gallon of water to be hydrated.)


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Q & A

Why must you drink extra water?

  • Ingesting extra water may also help boost your metabolism for weight reduction.
  • Drink water to remain hydrated. Dehydration is harmful in your well being and saps your vitality ranges.
  • Your mind, tissues and organs depend on water to remain in good well being.  Your muscle mass want water to remain toned.
  • Ingesting extra water can truly assist relieve water retention.  It permits he physique to cease attempting to retailer water to fight dehydration.

How a lot water ought to I drink per day if I’m simply beginning out?

When you’ve got at all times had a problem with ingesting sufficient water or are ingesting lower than 24 ouncesper day, we recommend you begin with 24 ouncesof water and work your approach as much as 64 oz. This problem is NOT about going overboard.  Merely including 24 ounces extra of water a day could make an enormous distinction, particularly if you end up exercising.

Some sources suggest that we must always take our physique weight, reduce that quantity in half and use that quantity as a information for the variety of ounces of water we’d like every day.

So, if you’re 200 kilos, it’s possible you’ll need to shoot for 100 ounces of water a day as a objective for the top of the month. After all there are instances have been you must drink greater than the minimal of 64 oz, particularly if you’re figuring out exhausting, breast feeding, dwelling in a really heat local weather, and so on.

Right here at BWLW, we don’t counsel that you just drink greater than a gallon of water per day (128 oz) (…until you might be already doing so with no points, or if you’re an athlete/somebody who’s coaching exhausting and sweating loads.) A gallon will be an excessive amount of for some individuals’s programs to deal with, particularly if you happen to drink an excessive amount of in a single sitting. Not everybody ought to go from consuming say, 30 ouncesa day to 128oz in a matter of days.Everybody’s wants are totally different and your objectives need to be life like.

After all, all of us see individuals within the gymnasium strolling round with gallon jugs, and that’s fantastic, particularly in the summertime whereas doing intense exercises within the warmth. There’s nothing mistaken with ingesting a gallon a day if you’re wholesome sufficient to take action. Nevertheless, while you aren’t even ingesting 64 ouncesoften, it’s okay to start out out with a smaller objective.

Notice: When you’ve got already been suggested by your physician to restrict or monitor your consumption of fluids, you should maintain that in thoughts as properly. Some drugs, like diuretics, should be thought of when you concentrate on how a lot water  try to be ingesting.

*Water Intoxication – Are you able to drink TOO a lot water?

A few of it’s possible you’ll be involved about ingesting an excessive amount of water. Right here is a few information that can assist you perceive that water intoxication is feasible however you would need to drink a LOT of water (way over 64 ouncesover the course of a day).

“If you drink sufficient water to the place the salts in your blood are severely diluted, you possibly can expertise a variety of well being issues. The primary signs might embrace headache, fatigue and emotions of nausea. As the degrees of water in your physique improve, it’s possible you’ll vomit, urinate often and really feel disoriented and confused — a situation often called water intoxication…  One of many explanation why it’s attainable to drink an excessive amount of water is as a result of your kidneys can solely filter a lot fluid at a time. In case your kidneys are wholesome, you possibly can filter about 800 to 1,000 mL or 0.21 to 0.26 gallons of water, that means you possibly can drink about this a lot each hour and have your kidneys operate usually… When contemplating how a lot water wholesome kidneys can filter in a day, you possibly can filter about 15 L — nearly 60 glasses — of water every day,” – Read the full article from


Speedy consumption of an excessive amount of water floods the within of cells when sodium is depleted. This sodium depletion, referred to as hyponatremia, can rupture the cells, both from additional stress on the cells from with out, or from stress inside flooded cells. As cells rupture in numerous components of the physique, sure signs emerge, and often rapidly.

What sort of signs? Effectively, issues like vomiting, complications, confusion and disorientation. If issues progress this may result in extra severe issues like seizures and coma. Untreated instances have resulted in dying. (Like this case, or these other sad cases, for instance). – Source

Area out your water ingesting all through the day and drink an inexpensive quantity that works for you.

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