Of all of the adjectives that describe your biceps, uncared for most likely isn’t certainly one of them. Significantly, asking you to keep away from coaching arms this week can be like asking the planet to cease spinning. As a bunch, bodybuilders usually give extra consideration to arms than every other physique half, save for chest. However what do you have to do in case your peaks don’t reside as much as your targets, or the pump isn’t going based on plan? Since dedication isn’t the difficulty, it’s time to take a look at the finer factors of arm coaching, making refined and efficient modifications to your arm exercises. With the four-week specialised exercise routine outlined right here, no less than if the world stops turning your arms’ll continue to grow.

Higher Biceps

Over the following month, we’ll hit your biceps with the utmost depth whereas additionally paying shut consideration to the small particulars inside every exercise. Every week focuses on a selected space or side of biceps coaching. You’ve doubtless been utilizing a few of these workouts from week to week for fairly some time, so they might be very acquainted. However some strikes and coaching schemes may be completely international to you, which is one other nice cause to deal with the following pointers. As well as, every week’s exercise can be utilized in consecutive weeks.

Lastly, for all workouts, choose a weight that means that you can fail throughout the designated rep vary. We additionally present an depth menu, providing a number of methods to take your coaching to the following stage. Comply with the directions rigorously, and use the depth methods in your previous few units the place you see the * image.

Biceps Routine

Use the depth methods (under) in your previous few units the place you see the * image.

Week 1 (Total Mass Focus)

Train Units Reps
Seated Barbell Curl (on decline bench) 4 8-12*
Straight-Bar Preacher Curl 4 8-12
Incline Dumbbell Curl 3 10-15*
Hammer Curl 3 10-15

Week 2 (Lengthy, Outer Head Focus)

Train Units Reps
Shut-Grip Barbell Curl 5 6-15*
Incline Cable Curl 4 8-10
Seated Alternating Dumbbell Curl 4 12-15
Reverse Curl 4 10-15

Week 3 (Quick, Internal Head Focus)

Train Units Reps
Kneeling Incline Cable Curl 5 15
Standing One-Arm Dumbbell Preacher Curl 4 12*
Huge-Grip Barbell Curl 3 12
Cable Hammer Cur 2 15*

Week 4 (Separation Focus)

Train Units Reps
Mendacity Cable Curl 5 15-20
Preacher Curl 4 15
Zottman Curl 4 15-20
4-Half Wall Curl 1 100 **

*Select one depth approach per train and apply it to solely the final set.

** As you’ll see on web page 112, the 4-Half Wall Curl places you in a stronger place with every step again. Nevertheless, if obligatory have lighter weights shut by to satisfy the 100-rep set.

Depth Menu

Use these depth methods everytime you see the * image. Select one approach for a selected train and put it to use on solely the final set of that transfer.

Partial Reps: Carry out reps over a partial vary of movement – on the prime, center or backside – of a motion.

Pressured Reps: Have a coaching companion help you with reps on the finish of a set so you possibly can work previous the purpose of momentary muscular failure. Your companion helps raise the load with solely the pressure obligatory so that you can maintain transferring and get previous the sticking level.

Drop Units: After finishing your reps in a heavy set, rapidly strip an equal quantity of weight from both sides of the bar, choose lighter dumbbells or transfer the pin up on the stack. Proceed repping till you fail, then strip off extra weight to finish much more reps.

Relaxation-Pause: Take temporary relaxation intervals throughout a set to squeeze out extra reps. Use a weight you possibly can raise for 5-6 reps (5RM) however do solely 2-3 reps, relaxation so long as 20 seconds, then strive for an additional 2-3 reps. Relaxation once more briefly, then strive for as many reps as you possibly can deal with, and repeat as soon as extra.

7 Little-Known Hacks for Bigger Arms

Incline Cable Curl

Most important advantages: enhances peak, minimizes shoulder pressure.


Place an incline bench going through away from a low-pulley cable with a D-handle hooked up. In case your gymnasium has a cable crossover station with adjustable arms, corresponding to FreeMotion, use each arms directly. Grasp the D-handle(s) and sit again in opposition to the bench, permitting your arm(s) to be pulled behind you, then lean ahead barely from the waist.


Holding your elbow(s) fastened in place, curl the deal with(s) ahead. Squeeze your biceps laborious, then slowly return to the beginning.

Incline Cable Curl in Focus

Putting a stretch on the biceps’ lengthy head whereas eradicating delt involvement is one other nice solution to blast the biceps and add peak to the peaks. You are able to do these one or each arms at a time, however both approach, lean ahead to permit your arms to attract again, which minimizes the delt discomfort widespread in the usual model. The secret is to maintain your elbows again so far as potential till you attain failure, then permit your delts to turn into concerned to punch out a couple of extra reps. The suitable peak and angle of the cable will probably be totally different for every particular person, so strive a couple of reps with mild weight first.

Kneeling Incline Cable Curl

Most important profit: enhances short-head focus.


Connect a straight bar to a cable set at shoulder stage. Sit backwards on an adjustable bench set almost upright, going through the cable station with both your knees on the bench seat or your toes planted on the ground. Your torso ought to be absolutely supported, along with your chest in opposition to the highest of the bench.


Grasp the bar with a shoulder-width grip, permitting your arms to increase in entrance of you; be sure there’s no slack within the cable firstly. Holding your elbows in place, curl the bar towards your face, then slowly reverse the movement.

Kneeling Incline Cable Curl in Focus

We’ve talked concerning the lengthy head or peak of the biceps, however now let’s give attention to the interior, quick head, because it’s most answerable for how your bi’s look within the mirror. When you lack thickness and dimension on this interior portion of the biceps, it’s since you’re not giving equal time to strikes like preacher curls and high-cable curls. This train combines each actions. The incline bench serves as a platform to forestall you from dishonest whereas anchoring you so you possibly can load up the load. The angle of your arms will reduce the atretch of the biceps’ lengthy head, shifting many of the emphasis to the interior, quick head.

Mendacity Cable Curl

Most important profit: works by way of strongest ROM


Connect a straight bar on the seated cable row station. Use a shoulder-width grip and slowly lie again, arms prolonged, conserving your knees barely bent and your toes in opposition to the platform.


Along with your elbows pinned at your sides, curl the bar towards your chest. Squeeze your biceps laborious on the prime, then slowly return. As you fatigue, proceed bending your knees so that you’re curling by way of solely the highest half of the motion.

Mendacity Cable Curl in Focus

This train is a superb solution to isolate the biceps, eradicating backward sway and momentum, and supplying you with a pump like no different. You’ll be able to modify your grip width as you’d throughout an ordinary barbell curl: A slender grip hits the lengthy head and a large grip targets the quick head. The benefit of this transfer is you could bend your knees as you fatigue, permitting you to give attention to the strongest portion of the curl – the highest half – and take your biceps coaching to new ranges.

4-Half Wall Curl

Most important profit: isolates biceps peak, enhances muscle endurance


Maintain a pair of dumbbells at your sides and lean again in opposition to a wall or pole, inserting your toes about 3 toes in entrance of you. Enable your arms to hold straight down towards the ground.


Along with your eyes targeted ahead, curl the weights towards your shoulders whereas conserving your elbows again. After the primary 25 reps, shift your toes again about 6 inches. Proceed repping till you hit 50 whole reps, then transfer your toes again one other 6 inches for an additional 25 reps. End the set along with your toes straight beneath you.

4-Half Wall Curl in Focus

This transfer is all about mechanical benefit whereas inserting added emphasis on the biceps peak by beginning in an incline place. It additionally totally removes dishonest through the wall or the pole, so that you’ll need to go lighter than common. Capturing for 100 reps will fatigue the slow-twitch fibers earlier than attacking the fast-twitch selection, and with each 25 reps you’ll put your physique at a mechanical benefit over the earlier angle.