We all know most of our readers will in all probability stick with rooster and lean beef for his or her main protein sources—maybe some is perhaps keen to attempt elk, bison, or other meat choices. Hell, we also have a checklist of the 20 best meat protein sources so that you can peruse.

And whereas we’ve preached the advantages of including bugs into your weight loss plan, this subsequent suggestion is perhaps our weirdest one but: black soldier fly larvae, or child flies. Yup, we’re severe.

A new study out of the University of Queensland in Australia discovered that black soldier fly larvae is simply as nutritious as conventional meat sources, corresponding to beef, and may very well present extra vitamins and have a smaller environmental affect. “Identical to meat, it incorporates all of the vitamins people want for well being,” Professor Louw Hoffman said in a statement. “The larvae is richer in zinc and iron than lean meat, and its calcium content material is as excessive as that of milk.”

According to providers of black soldier fly larvae, the grubby bugs 17.5 p.c protein and 14 p.c fats. Many research have proven {that a} single acre of them may present the identical quantity of protein as 3,000 acres of cows or 130 acres of soybeans—so it’s higher for the setting as properly. And in case you’re questioning, sure the larvae does have all important amino acids and in some instances has larger concentrations of them than beef or rooster.

Whereas Individuals and most European nations don’t sometimes embrace bugs of their weight loss plan, greater than two billion individuals the world over do, in accordance with the United Nation’s Meals and Agriculture Group. “The largest issue that stops fly proteins being utilized in our meals provide is Western shopper’s’ acceptance of bugs as meals,” Hoffman stated.