She additionally recommends incorporating a magnesium complement, resembling mbg’s sleep support+, into your routine about half an hour earlier than you get in mattress.*

“More often than not, folks aren’t sleeping as a result of their thoughts continues to be spinning. So we’ve got to seek out methods to calm that down, which is why I really like magnesium,” she explains. Magnesium will help improve sleep high quality, help a wholesome circadian rhythm, and promote a gradual state of rest so you may go to sleep sooner.*

On high of that, she suggests dimming the lights an hour or two before bed to assist sign the physique that sleep is close to. “I discover that dimming the lights is among the most important issues,” she provides. “If you are going to mattress at 10 p.m. and having hassle sleeping, you may need to begin dimming the lights at 8.” Ensuring the temperature is someplace between 60° and 67° Fahrenheit additionally helps put together the physique to sleep, she says.

And in case you’re notably confused, Willeumier recommends doing one thing calming, resembling meditating, taking a shower or bathe, studying, and even listening to nature noises. (You possibly can take a look at more of her tips for better sleep here!)