Now, should you sort mineral oil into the search bar, you may probably come throughout some sizzling debate. Some deem it unsafe for pores and skin; others say it’s very effective. That is as a result of whereas mineral oil is petrochemical derived, you can discover purified, cosmetic-grade choices which are theoretically protected to use on the pores and skin (versus technical-grade choices, that are usually used to lubricate automobile engines). The truth is, merchandise loaded with mineral oil, like petroleum jelly, are generally used for slugging methods—the thick, balmy barrier can lock in moisture. 

Nonetheless, even safer, cosmetic-grade mineral oils usually are not with out their points: First, mineral oil has a really giant molecular dimension, so whereas it is extremely occlusive, it is unable to truly penetrate the pores and skin. This will create a bunch of issues in the long term—and is why many consultants have began to criticize its use.

“It extra suffocates the pores and skin than anything,” says Shamban. “The molecular construction is just too giant so it might each clog pores, trigger a disruption and even harm to the pores and skin barrier, and in the end enhance transepidermal water loss.” (Bear in mind: You still need some degree of transepidermal water loss for correct pores and skin barrier operate, because it indicators to your pores and skin cells that it is time to jump-start restore; if there isn’t any signaling, your pores and skin cells might imagine all the things is A-OK and will not restore.) And whereas the precise oil won’t clog your pores, such an occlusive atmosphere can entice lifeless pores and skin and oil, inflicting zits to thrive.

Then there’s the environmental element, which is sufficient of a purpose to keep away from its use: “Mineral oil is petrochemical derived, that means it is environmentally irresponsible to make use of mineral oil when there are vegetable and fruit oils, like coconut oil, which are extra sustainable,” says clear beauty chemist Krupa Koestline. It additionally does not biodegrade well, and it might accumulate in waterways. Bear in mind: To us, clear magnificence means it is protected for each you and the world round you.