The Wheel of Fortune card is all about change and cycles. It symbolizes the inevitability of change, beginnings, and naturally, endings. In line with creator, tarot reader, and founding father of Witchy Wellness, Leah Vanderveldt, it is associated to “what occurs on the crossroads of destiny and selection, the place we break previous patterns by means of selection.”

This card calls on the topic to be adaptable as they navigate these modifications, Vanderveldt provides, and keep centered all of the whereas. “When this card comes up, it’s an excellent time to ask your self: How do you wish to reply (to the nice, unhealthy, and all the things in between)?” she says.

It is also a really expansive card, related to Jupiter, and it reminds us that our ideas and actions can reverberate. “How we harness the vitality of The Wheel by means of our decisions and mindset make all of the distinction,” Vanderveldt provides.