The factor is, getting comfortable along with your S.O. seemingly will not smear your skincare—assuming your merchandise have absorbed and dried down. After patting in a moisturizer, oil, or in a single day masks, let the product seep into your pores and skin earlier than choosing a full-blown make out, lest you switch the goop. It is really not fairly shocking—most skincare consultants will inform it is all the time greatest apply to let your merchandise correctly take in earlier than transferring on. For instance, identical goes for mendacity down your pillow, pulling a comfortable sweater over your head, and the record goes on. Anytime you disturb your product earlier than its allowed to dry you run the chance of smearing your skincare and transferring all these actives.

In case your companion has a beard, although, you may need to apply your lotions post-smooch. The friction might be fairly irritating on delicate pores and skin (“beard burn” could be very a lot a factor), and it could possibly positively rub away skincare merchandise that have not had ample time to dry. That submit 5 o’clock shadow, too, could play a job right here—even when your companion does not have full blown facial hair. Stubble or scruff might be simply as irritating as a full beard—the hairs are shorter and extra wiry, to allow them to simply stab into delicate pores and skin.

It is a comparable predicament to wearing a mask: “Any areas which are tight or rubbing can irritate the pores and skin,” says board-certified dermatologist Hadley King, M.D., in regards to the bemoaned maskne. In the event you go for a sizzling and heavy make out, you may see some redness or irritation from that skin-on-skin friction as properly—and very like maskne, generally you simply need to reapply an ointment to calm pores and skin after the very fact.