Whereas girls can completely expertise hereditary and age-related hair loss, there are another elements to remember. Normally, “Causes in receding hairlines for ladies are frontal fibrosing alopecia or traction alopecia,” Ziering notes. “Fibrosing alopecia is an autoimmune situation that has the physique mistakenly assault the follicles that ends in follicular injury or scarring. It isn’t quite common, and it principally impacts postmenopausal girls.” The speculation right here is that post-menopausal girls have a low estrogen environment around the hair follicles, which is assumed to set off the fibrosing alopecia course of. However once more, it’s not so widespread. 

Traction alopecia, nonetheless, is way more commonplace—it’s a medical situation that outcomes from long-term injury on the hair. It often stems from constant, too-tight hairstyles like “braids, weaves, buns or tight ponytails, particularly on chemically handled hair,” says Ziering.

Or, girls might also expertise postpartum hair loss, which might trigger the hairline to look a bit meager. It does ultimately develop again (often in six to 12 months), however the wait-time can understandably really feel somewhat irritating.