Regardless of the plethora of scalp care merchandise—and the surge of curiosity and training within the final a number of years—consultants word that individuals are nonetheless mistreating their scalp. There are the individuals who go away on product, dry shampoo, and buildup for much too lengthy with out giving their scalp a correct exfoliation; on the opposite finish of the spectrum, there are those that overdo it with cleaning and strip their delicate pores and skin of its pure oils, throwing sebum manufacturing out of kinds (very similar to you are able to do with the face). 

Solely you’ll know what your specific wants are primarily based in your scalp, hair sort, and way of life. “It actually simply comes right down to training: Be taught concerning the various factors at play on the subject of your scalp and hair well being, then you possibly can regulate your behaviors primarily based on that,” says licensed trichologist Shab Reslan about listening to your scalp.

Should you need assistance translating your scalp’s language, there are a number of indicators to search for that may assist you determine what the problem is. In case you are experiencing buildup, painful irritation, and huge, waxy flakes, it is a signal that it’s essential to exfoliate extra. On the opposite finish of the spectrum, if the pores and skin is tight and produces small, white flakes, it might be an indication your scalp is just too dry and it’s essential to moisturize with scalp oils.