Whereas day by day mascara use is probably going protected for many, it does have the potential to trigger irritation for some. Learn: If it is by no means bothered you earlier than, you may assume you are a part of the fortunate majority and may carry on sporting it with out reserve.

But when that is not you: right here’s just a little anatomy lesson on the attention itself to elucidate why it causes points, from James Chelnis, M.D., oculofacial plastic surgeon and assistant scientific professor at New York Eye and Ear Infirmary of Mount Sinai

Your eyelid has three elements that produce numerous liquids: water (which we determine as tears), mucus (which you may discover once you get up with “crust” within the morning), and oil. For our functions, that final one is a very powerful. Oil really types a slick across the eye to maintain the water in, maintaining your eye hydrated. (“After I do surgical procedure or an examination, I can really see the oil layer over the attention,” he says.)

If our oil glands across the eye cease working correctly, they cannot hold the water sealed on the attention. “Have you ever ever heard anybody complain about having ‘dry eyes’ however nonetheless tearing up? What’s taking place there’s the attention seemingly would not have sufficient oil to maintain the water in,” says Chelnis. And mascara can really clog the pores within the space, resulting in much less oil manufacturing—particularly when not washed off nightly. “This not solely results in dryness however styes and eyelid irritation,” he says.

Moreover, “In doing exams or surgical procedure, I’ve really discovered mascara particles trapped beneath the eyelid, usually inflicting irritation,” he says.