From 2011 to 2026, the numinous planet is paddling by way of its ruling signal of Pisces, doubling down on its mystical results.

This meditative five-month cycle is usually a profound blessing, opening a window to heal core wounds, cope with addictions, and faucet into buried realms of creativity. With fog-machine Neptune within the timeout chair, you possibly can minimize by way of illusions…if you’re prepared to take an unflinching audit of your life.

Use this era to explore the shadows. Consciousness is the important thing to evolution! By proudly owning as much as unhealthy patterns you possibly can be taught to interrupt them. And relaxation up, as a result of the perfect concepts might arrive when you’re sleeping, meditating, or simply staring on the clouds.

Make sure that to maintain your psychic protect up, particularly whereas in public. Like a sponge, you possibly can take in the temper of a room or get thrown off emotionally by a stranger’s vibes. In case you’re grouchy or spacey for “no obvious motive,” you might must clear your energetic field.

Refill an Epsom salt tub, wave the sage wand, or guide a session with a Neptunian healer like a therapist or shaman (many do Telehealth or distance work). Since Neptune is the god of the seas, flush out your system with filtered H2O to purge poisonous influences in the course of the retrograde. Look at private boundaries. Has generosity became sacrifice, or are you being too inflexible? Maybe it is advisable be firmer…or to melt, so others can truly attain you.