As beforehand talked about, menopause is a typical trigger. “Nearly all of ladies who undergo menopause find yourself with vaginal dryness,” Minkin tells mbg. This happens attributable to a lower in estrogen on the tissues that line the vagina. “As a substitute of being good, plump, juicy tissue crammed with glycogen, the liner turns into skinny, the tissue will get dry, and the glycogen goes away,” she explains. 

This will result in basic discomfort, pain during sex, and it may possibly additionally trigger itching, burning, and bleeding, says Minkin. 

How you can handle it:

Utilizing an over-the-counter vaginal moisturizer might assist. That is totally different from lubricant, which is used throughout intercourse to extend moisture and improve pleasure. 

“Moisturizers are supposed to be put into the vagina on an ongoing foundation, about to to a few occasions per week—intercourse or no intercourse,” she says. “They kind of stick with the wall of the vagina and recoup moisture to make you extra comfy.” As a result of they’ve the identical estrogen receptors, the vulva might turn into dry throughout menopause, too. If this occurs, “you should use moisturizers externally, as nicely,” Minkin suggests.