Throughout an acupuncture session, quite a few mood-enhancing hormones and neurotransmitters are produced.

Serotonin floods the system, and this happiness hormone can briefly enhance our temper, enhance digestion, promote sleep, and assist clear cognitive operate. Endorphins are additionally launched, which might ease bodily ache and discomfort. In the meantime, levels of cortisol, the stress hormone that contributes to signs of tension and despair, are diminished. 

To most individuals, this can really feel nice! There are, nonetheless, some people who will really feel awful after their first acupuncture session or like their signs have been amplified. That is very true for people who are highly sensitive or are inclined to internalize their feelings and have unprocessed trauma and/or extended illness and toxins saved within the physique.

If this occurs to you, do not freak out! It is also a pure response to have after acupuncture begins to maneuver all that stagnant chi round in new methods. Merely report the signs to your acupuncturist, and your future periods will be adjusted accordingly.